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Evidence Based Practice (EBP) encourages health professionals to consider not only the patient history and test results, but also to investigate the latest treatments, research, and available medications.1 Librarians often teach EBP classes within health professional programs. In 2013, Jonathan Eldredge discussed the importance of adapting content and activities in EBP classes to fit into the fast-paced health professionals curricula.2 In 2015, a Minnesota Medicine article discussed the incorporation of tablets, phones, and electronic devices into the daily routine and practice of health professionals.3

During orientation for many first year health professional programs, students begin working with the Electronic Health Record, Simulation Centers, Clinical Applications (Clinical Apps), and other technology used by currently practicing health professionals. When teaching EBP classes, the trend is to teach basic skills but not incorporate Clinical Apps into activities. If the content of EBP classes was revised to include Clinical Apps and other skills immediately relevant to health professional programs, students would be better prepared for clinical years of study. Results indicate that some incorporation of Clinical Apps is starting to occur within EBP classes.

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Presented at the 2017 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting and Conference in Seattle, Washington, May 25-31, 2017.

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Medical Library Association Annual Meeting and Conference in Seattle, Washington, May 25-31, 2017.

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