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Amnesty. 3364-30-03
Registered student organizations. 3364-30-12
Student organization advisors. 3364-30-56
Amplified sound on campus. 3364-30-08
Policy on hazing. 3364-30-20
Institutional aid policy. 3364-30-53
Mandatory Tuberculosis (TB) screening of students from World Health Organization-designated high TB prevalence countries. 3364-30-54
Policy on alcohol and substance abuse. 3364-30-02
University behavior intervention team. 3364-30-22
Eligibility for residence halls. 3364-30-21
The Student Code of Conduct. 3364-30-04
Social events, major events, and non-social events. 3364-30-06
Student health insurance. 3364-30-05
Reservation policy for student union facilities. 3364-30-01
Military service member readmit-eligible for tuition and general fee reduction. 3364-30-51
The University of Toledo's housing assignment policy. 3364-30-15