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1 Methods and compositions for assaying analytes Willey, James C.
2 Cancer risk biomarkers Willey, James C., Blomquist, Thomas M., Crawford, Erin L., Mullins, D'anna N.
3 Methods and compositions for assessing nucleic acids and alleles Willey, James C., Crawford, Erin L., Weaver, David A.
4 Method for selecting a treatment for non-small cell lung cancer using gene expression profiles Demuth, Jeffrey P., Crawford, Erin L., Willey, James C., Weaver, David A., Warner, Kristy A., Graves, Timothy G.
5 Method for quantitative measurement of gene expression using multiplex competitive reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction Willey, James C., Crawford, Erin L., Demuth, Jeffery P., Jackson, Clara M., Weaver, David A.