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1 Nitinol organ positioner to prevent damage to healthy tissue during radiation oncology treatments 2019-10-01 Parsai, Ishmael E., Elahinia, Mohammad
2 System for concurrent delivery of thermobrachytherapy in the treatment of cancers Parsai, E. Ishamel, Feldmeier, John J.
3 Unfiltered radiation therapy Parsai, Ishmael E., Feldmeier, John J.
4 Unfiltered radiation therapy Parsai, E. Ishamel, Feldmeier, John J., Parsai, E. Ismael, Feildmeier, John J.
5 Concurrent delivery of interstitial thermobrachytherapy (hyperthermia and brachytherapy) in the treatment of cancer Parsai, Ishamel E., Shvydka, Diana, Warrell, Gregory