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Abstract/Description: A method for modifying at least one non-ester-containing parent compound, and the compounds produced using such method, which compounds are deployed to temporarily incapacitate at least one subject are disclosed. The modified compounds are rapidly metabolized to inactive and non-toxic metabolites when exposure to the modified compounds is halted. One or more of a predetermined chemical arrangement is incorporated into the parent compound having the formula: [phi-R-X-R']; where phi is a phenyl, substituted aryl or heteroaryl system present in the parent compound or is added to the parent compound; R is an alkyl or alkene containing chain either branched or unbranched from 0 to 10 carbons present in the parent compound or is added to phi; X is a carboxyl, sulfoxyl or phosphatyl function added to R; and, R' is an alkyl, alkenyl or aralkyl group either branched or unbranched containing from 1 to 10 carbons is added to X in a metabolically labile manner, or is a structural element already present as an inherent portion of the parent compound that is connected to X in a metabolically labile manner.
Subject(s): 514/329
Date Issued: 2006-05-23