University of Toledo U.S. Patents

This collection includes United States patents for inventions by UT faculty, students and staff that list UT/MCO/MUO as the original assignee (owner). These patents include those assigned to the University of Toledo as well as to the Medical College of Ohio/Medical University of Ohio prior to the merger in 2006. Only granted patents, not patent applications, are included. Use the 'Search within this Series' box to search for keywords in the authors, titles, or abstracts of the patents.

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Imines of porphyrins, of porphyrin derivatives, and of related compounds, and pharmaceutical compositions containing such imines
Purified imines of porphyrins, chlorins, bateriochlorins, chlorophylls, bacteriochlorophylls, purpurins, reduced purpurins, verdins, Diels Alder adducts, benzochlorins and metal complexes of the foregoing imines are disclosed. The formulas of the benzochlorinimines and of the benzochlorinimine metal complexes are set forth below: ##STR1## In specific examples, M in the metal complexes is a copper cation that is complexed with two of the nitrogens of the benzochlorinimine R' and R"" are methyl, and R1 through R8 are ethyl.