University of Toledo U.S. Patents

This collection includes United States patents for inventions by UT faculty, students and staff that list UT/MCO/MUO as the original assignee (owner). These patents include those assigned to the University of Toledo as well as to the Medical College of Ohio/Medical University of Ohio prior to the merger in 2006. Only granted patents, not patent applications, are included. Use the 'Search within this Series' box to search for keywords in the authors, titles, or abstracts of the patents.

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Plants expressing environmental stress tolerances having petunia CBF genes therein
The present invention provides a method of controlling a plant's tolerance to environmental stress and to a transgenic plant having the desired characteristics.
Polypeptide and DNA immunization against Coccidioides spp. infections
The present invention provides compositions of novel polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, which polypeptides are useful for generating an immunological response in an individual and in therapeutic application of Coccidioides spp. infection.
Stable cell lines capable of expressing the adeno-associated virus replication gene
Stable packaging cell lines derived from human 293 cells which are transfected with an AAV vector having the AAV rep gene operably line to a heterologous transcription promoter, such as the metallothionein promoter, or an AAV Rep78 insensitive homologous promoter and which are capable of producing AAV Rep proteins and being useful for packaging recombinant AAV vectors containing target polynucleotides.
Gene and method for production of a 40-45-kDa IgA binding protein
The subject invention concerns novel polynucleotide sequences which code for polypeptides which bind IgA. A further aspect of the invention are hybrid proteins (and genes encoding these hybrid proteins) which comprise binding domains for both IgA and IgG.
Agrobacterium mediated transformation of germinating plant seeds
A non-tissue culture process using Agrobacterium-mediated vectors to produce transgenic plants from seeds of such plants as the common bean and soybean.