University of Toledo U.S. Patents

This collection includes United States patents for inventions by UT faculty, students and staff that list UT/MCO/MUO as the original assignee (owner). These patents include those assigned to the University of Toledo as well as to the Medical College of Ohio/Medical University of Ohio prior to the merger in 2006. Only granted patents, not patent applications, are included. Use the 'Search within this Series' box to search for keywords in the authors, titles, or abstracts of the patents.

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Hybrid multifunctional posterior interspinous fusion device
This invention relates to an improved structure for an interspinous stabilization device that more evenly distributes loads throughout the adjacent vertebrae than known interspinous stabilization devices, and further readily compensates for graft settling so as to maintain continued axial loading of the graft. More specifically, this invention relates to a medical device that helps in performing a spinal fusion procedure by holding the bone graft in place and stabilizing the facet screw by a plate that is attached to it. The invention also performs a dynamic function that compensates for settling of the bone graft over time. This dynamic function may, if desired, be enhanced by a movement-limiting mechanism that allows extension but not flexion such that the bone graft fusion remains in contact and fusion takes place.
Stabilized spinal fixation device
A spinal fixation device includes a device body configured for implantation in a human body and a clamp that is formed from shape memory material and attached to the device body.
Bioactive fusion device
In a first broad aspect, there is provided herein a bioactive device and system for fusion between two bones, two parts of a bony joint, or a bony defect, such as of the spine. The fusion device includes a screw having a head and a threaded shaft. The fusion device also includes a bone dowel having an internal bore of which at least a distal portion is threaded to engage the threads of the screw shaft. The bone dowel is made of a bone-like, biocompatible, or allograft material to provide a layer of bone-like, biocompatible, or allograft material between the screw and the spinal bone. The device is generally coaxial and is further described in the drawings and description herein.
Bioactive fusion device
A fusion device includes a screw having a head and a shaft. A hollow bone dowel is disposed about the shaft of the screw. The bone dowel is formed from a bone-like, biocompatible, or allograft material.