Protest: Activism and Social Change, 1845-2015 (An exhibition)


“Protest,” is, at its core, an exhibit about people coming together for a common cause. This exhibit brings together historical materials from across the collections of the Ward M. Canaday Center and unites them around the common theme of activism. The word “activism” might bring to mind protests or demonstrations, but in this exhibit, we are exploring the many ways that Americans have acted together to bring about social and political change: through public marches and protests, through art and writing, through service and scholarship. [Read the complete Introduction in the catalog]

Catalog Research and Text: Tamara Jones, Sara Mouch, and Lauren White
Catalog Graphic Design: Loralei R. Byatt
Exhibition Collaborators: Suzanne Henry, Tamara Jones, Lisa Meyer, Sara Mouch, and David Remaklus
Virtual Exhibition: Arjun Sabharwal