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The Manuscripts division of the Canaday Center collects, preserves, and makes available historical records of individuals, organizations, and businesses important to the history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio. Collections include records and personal papers of political figures, civic leaders, labor unions, social service agencies, and Toledo corporations.

The items included in these collections are selections form the original manuscript collections. Researchers interested in specific items can view the collection finding aid and visit the Canaday Center.

Canaday Center Manuscripts
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Academy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas County Records 1900-1996, MSS-044
This collection contains a variety of material relating to the history of the Academy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas County and its role in the history of medicine in Toledo. In addition to miscellaneous material, the collection contains copies of a bimonthly journal, dating from 1966. Collection Finding Aid, Provenance: William Leckie, Professor of History, University of Toledo, received this material from Dr. Gordon M. Todd of the Academy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas County in 1966. Leckie was apparently engaged in research on the history of medicine in Toledo. A verbal agreement to allow the Ward M. Canaday Center to accession this collection was made in 1987 by Lee F. Wealton, Executive Director of the Academy. In December of 1991, The Ward M. Canaday Center was given copies of the Academy’s journals dating from 1966. Since that time, the Center has received copies of the journal as they are published.
Alice E. Huebner Collection, 1861-1976, MSS-133
Alice E. Huebner was an English Professor at The University of Toledo from 1942-1972. She was designated professor emerita of English at the University's 1972 Commencement. In 1973 she was named a life member emerita of the Phi Kappa Phi national scholastic honor society in January, 1973. The Civil War items in this collection were passed down through her family. The Huebner-Toledo Brewery was run by the family of Alice Hubener and at one time was Toledo's largest brewery. Prior to Prohibition their factory was producing more than 350,000 barrels of beer annually. Closed during Prohibition, the Brewery never re-opened. Collection Finding Aid
Andersons, Inc., Records, 1936-2015, MSS-194
The Andersons began as a grain elevator company in 1936, and grew into a diversified agribusiness company with agricultural, retail, grain processing, railroad, and financial divisions. This collection is composed of photographic material, newsletters and newspapers, company scrapbooks, audio-visual material, and artifacts. Collection Finding Aid
Association of Two Toledos Collection, 1609-2002, MSS-071
Organization created to promote cultural exchange between sister cities of Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain, (1931 - Present). Collection includes scant proceedings (1974) and correspondence (1934-1944, scattered). Scrapbooks and scrapbook materials document early activities of the organization, first named Committee on Relations with Toledo, Spain. Scrapbooks incorporate photographs, newspaper clippings (in English and Spanish), and other materials on delegations sent to Spain to initiate cultural exchange (1934-1937) and miscellaneous Committee activities (1962-1971). The collection also includes maps (1976, 1930); certificates and awards (1934-1963); pamphlets, programs, and brochures (1930s); English-, Spanish-, and French-language periodicals, graphic arts, artifacts, and 54 books (1674-1977, primarily Spanish). Collection Finding Aid, Related Collections: Carl and Jacqueline Zerner and Family Association of Two Toledos Collection, MSS-119, John Yeager Association of Two Toledos Collection, MSS-120
Barlow letters, 1944-46, 1950-51, MSS-219
The letters written by Leo Barlow to his mother while serving in Korea from 1950-51, and the letters of his brother, William Barlow, written to his mother while in the Philippines and South Pacific during World War II, 1944-46. Collection Finding Aid"
Betty A. Reardon Collected Papers MSS-226, 1964-2008
College professor from Rye, New York (b. 1929). Contains various materials, including correspondence, manuscripts, publications, and organizational papers relevant to her work and activism for peace, disarmament, and gender equality. Collection finding aid, Related Collections: Mike Ferner Papers MSS-241
Betty Mauk Papers, 1969-1998, MSS-135
Founder of Promenade Park in downtown Toledo, Mauk has championed a clean, safe, and revitalized downtown for over 30 years. Her papers consist of photographs, personal and business correspondence, printed materials, and ephemera related to various organizations she founded, causes she supported, and individuals with whom she corresponded. Collection Finding Aid
Brand Whitlock Letters, 1915, MSS-023
This collection consists of approximately 7000 letters written by the schoolchildren of Ghent, Belgium, expressing thanks for American shipments of food and clothing following World War I. Collection finding aid, No one seems to know for certain how this collection came to the University of Toledo Libraries. Lucille B. Emch, librarian from 1929 to 1979, believes that Ella Brainerd Whitlock gave the letters to the University before she began working there. This lack of knowledge regarding the collection's provenance explains part of the difficulty in assigning the proper name or main entry to the collection, although we can safely assume, because of Whitlock's connection to Toledo, that the letters were at one time in Whitlock's hands.
Business and Professional Women,Toledo Records: MSS-137
Collection contains pictures, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, reports, scrapbooks, and audio-visual materials documenting the activities of this politically active social service organization. A supporter of such issues as Pay Equity for Women as well as an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, this organization has championed the causes of working women for most of the 20th century. Collection Finding Aid, Related Collections: Monroe-Central Business and Professional Women’s Club, Toledo, MSS-100
Cyrus Hussey Diaries, 1862-1864, MSS-017
Three diaries with daily entries document the period in which Hussey's regiment was stationed primarily in Tennessee, Mississippi, and at the siege of Vicksburg during the American Civil War. Typed transcription of the diaries is included with the collection. Collection finding aid, Related Collections:Donald D. Duhaime 19th and 20th Century Photograph Collection, 1860s-1940s, Mss-152, Donald D. Duhaime Collection, Mss-077, Alice E. Huebner Collection, Mss-133, Weber Family Papers, Mss-126
David Warren Ryder Papers, 1930-1955, MSS-004
Papers document the internal workings of the American Social Credit movement and its pursuit of economic reform. This collection consists primarily of correspondence, along with manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Topics covered include unions, banking practices, the New Deal, communism, democracy, and the disruption of the American Social Credit Union in 1937. Collection finding aid
Donald D. Duhaime Lincoln-Civil War and Nineteenth Century Collection, MSS-077a, 1837-2001
This collection contains materials primarily pertaining to the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, and the nineteenth century. Other materials include a presidents collection; books, articles, and pictures relating to Toledo, Ohio, and Lucas County; journals and magazines; World's Fair/Exposition materials; and pamphlets, articles, and books relating to George Custer. Collection finding aid, Related Collections: Donald D. Duhaime 19th and 20th Century Photograph Collection, 1860s-1940s, Mss-152, Donald D. Duhaime Collection, Mss-077, Alice E. Huebner Collection, Mss-133, Cyrus Hussey Diaries, Mss-017, Weber Family Papers, Mss-126, Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company Records, 1851-1991, Mss-066, Brand Whitlock Collection, Mss-023
Downtown Toledo Associates, 1955-1978, MSS-027
Collection consists of correspondence, reports, studies, and newspaper clippings related to downtown revitalization. Subjects include parking, urban renewal, transportation, and other postwar ideas on urban planning. Much of the material was sponsored by the City of Toledo. Collection finding aid
Ella P. Stewart Papers, 1922-1987, MSS-052
This collection consists of scrapbooks and literary productions documenting Stewart's activities and honors. She was active in the Berea in Korea Foundation, the Pan-Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association, the Indiana Avenue Nursery, and the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Subjects include child care, famous figures in African-American history, and women's social clubs. Collection finding aid
Etheridge Knight Papers, 1964-1995, MSS-016
The Knight papers consist primarily of correspondence with family, fellow writers and publishers, audio-visual materials, photographs, typescripts and proofs of works, and writings by prisoners. Subjects include prison life, "toasts" (long narrative poems) and the African-American experience. The majority of the correspondence comes from Knight's second wife, Mary McAnally. Includes correspondence from Sonia Sanchez, Robert Bly, Dudley Randall, Gwendolyn Brooks, Nikki Giovanni, Donald Hall, Don Lee, Herbert W. Martin, Judith Minty, and Noel Stock. Collection Finding Aid
Felix C. Harman Papers, 1898-1919, MSS-110
Collection consists of four photographs of Dr. Harman; his Teacher's Common School certificate and certification of appointment to the rank of First Lieutenant in the Officers' Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army, and ten medical school notebooks which cover areas of study such as genito-urinary diseases, neurology, bacteriology, chemistry, pathology, and dermatology. Collection finding aid
Flora Ward Hineline Papers, ca. 1900-1992, MSS-007
Scrapbooks and autographed celebrity portraits documenting the Town Hall series of lectures; music and theater (primarily at the Paramount Theatre); and the Town Hall Theatre itself. Some noteworthy speakers and performers engaged by Mrs. Hineline include: Winston Churchill, H.G. Wells, Fritz Kreisler, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Collection finding aid
Foy D. Kohler, 1914-1987, MSS-036
Papers encompass Kohler's entire career in the Foreign Service (1931-1967), including his four years as ambassador to the USSR (1962-1966) and his ten years at the University of Miami's Center for Advanced International Studies (1968-1978). The collection includes correspondence with his wife, Phyllis Penn Kohler, both before and after their marriage as well as letters from such prominent leaders as Hubert Humphrey; Richard Nixon; Elbridge Durbrow; and Averell Harriman. Files on Kohler's speeches includes his notes, itineraries, and other materials related to speeches in general and notes for meetings with Premier Nikita Kruschev and other Soviet dignitaries. Consultations and conference files detail Kohler's work as a consultant to many advisory panels from 1967 to 1978. Subject files in the collection include two noteworthy files on Germany that date from 1958 to 1959, a crucial period in east-west relations. Other series in the collection document Kohler's activities with the National War College, the Committee on the Present Danger, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and the Voice of America. Many photographs document the Kohlers' private and public lives, and newspaper clippings; sound recordings; oral history tapes; and memorabilia support these extensive papers. Collection finding aid
Gordon M. Deye Letters, 1943-46, MSS-229
Letters of the Sylvania native who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Collection finding aid
Gustavus Ohlinger Papers, 1821-1987, MSS-013
Collection includes journals, correspondence, literary productions, scrapbooks, printed materials, and photographs related to Ohlinger's civic, professional, and personal life. Some correspondence documents his high school years in Chefoo, China. A journal kept by Ohlinger from 1902 to 1905 chronicles his law career in Shanghai and his participation in post-Russo-Japanese War negotiations. "Our Summer Odyssey, August 1 to September 1, 1954," a journal/photo album of a European vacation, further documents some of Ohlinger's travels. Also included in this collection are papers generated and collected by various family members. The most extensive group is the papers of Ohlinger's sister, Constance Ohlinger. Collection finding aid