Jan Waggoner Suter Papers, 1954-1985, MSS-059

This collection consists largely of newsletters and circulars issued by pacifist, anti-war, and homosexual rights organization, as well as correspondence and miscellany relating to Jan W. Suter’s activity involving those issues. Most material dates from 1969 to 1980, although some material from 1959 to 1961, including his early pacifist activity in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and from other years in the general time span is contained in the collection. The collection would be especially useful for those studying the history of the anti-war movement, draft counseling, the gay rights movement, and the “counterculture,” in general, in Toledo and in Ohio during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Collection finding aid

ACLU letter
Letter from the ACLU regarding Senate Bill 1
Arthur Krause letter
Letter from Arthur Krause re: justice for the victims of the Kent State shootings
Civil Liberties article
Article from Civil Liberties newspaper re: ACLU lawsuits against the CIA
Counterdraft cover
Cover of "Counterdraft" magazine
Custer had it coming
Political bumper sticker
Let us call a truce to terror
"Address by President Kennedy Before the United Nations General Assembly"
Letter from Fred Harris
Letter from former Senator Fred Harris during his run for President
Letter from John Glenn
Letter from U.S. Senator John Glenn re: the Equal Rights Amendment
Letter from Julian Bond
Letter from U.S. Senator Julian Bond re: contribution made by Suter to Bond's 1976 campaign
M.O.H.R. By-Laws
By-Laws of the Michigan Organization for Human Rights (M.O.H.R)
M.O.H.R. testimony
Testimony from Detroit M.O.H.R. Committee to Detroit City Council
Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story
Comic book depicting the Montgomery bus boycott
Navy Times are Changin'
Cover of Navy Times
News release
News release from the Michigan Organization for Human Rights - Political Action Committee (PAC)
OMP Reporter
The first issue of OMP Reporter, a publication distributed to military counselors
Peace and Freedom
Issue of Peace and Freedom, published by the U.S section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Studds' letter
Letter from Studds for Congress Committee lobbying for support
Support Our Soldiers
Issue of Support our Soldiers (SOS), a publication in support of the GI Movement to end the war in Vietnam