The Collegian, 1919-2000 (PDFs)

The Collegian has been the university's student newspaper since 1919, and had run under different titles: Toledo Universi-Teaser (1919), Teaser(1919-1920), Campus Collegian (1925-1962), and Collegian(1963-2000). In 2000, the name changed to Independent Collegian, (not featured in this collection) as it became an independent newspaper. This collection contains the digitized version of the microfilm copy. The early copies are available in microfilm and print versions at the Ward M. Canaday Center. Collection number: UR89/22

The Independent Collegian Website (current, recent, and archived issues)

The Teaser 1922, volume 4
There are only three issues in Volume 4 for the entire 1921-22 academic year. Volumes 5 and 6 are missing from the physical collection and from the source microfilm.