Toledo Universi-Teaser 1919, volume 1

Toledo Universi-Teaser, March 5, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 1
News N Everything--Councils Investigation Creates Surprise--War Hero Instructor in French--University Commerce Clubs third Annual Banquet--Concerning our Good Name--Night Classes are Growing--Varsity Basketball Team Makes Great Record--University Organizations--With our Literary Men--By the Way--New Professor, Dr H. S. Will, Toledo Man, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, March 12, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 2
News and Views--University Day Celebration Tuesday March 18th--C.C. Banquet--Vocational School Proposed in University Barracks--Prof W. C. Brown Critically Ill--A Matter of Life and Debt--Answers--Banter--University Organizations--Our Friends, the French--By The Way--In Sport Circles, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, March 19, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 3
News and Views--New Spanish Prof Here Monday--chancellor McCormick Delivers Splendid Address--Fresh-Soph Flag Rush--Frederick Meron--Men Are Brutes--Doings of Psychology Department--News from Other Universities--Waite High Principal Resigns--Sports--New Books, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, March 26, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 4
Stephen K. Mahon starts Movement for Toledo Memorial University--Our Professor Irwin arrives from Kentucky--The Romance of Ruby Ring--College of Commerce and Business Toledo University Growing College--Colleges Alter Entrance Tests--Standard Oil to build Big Plant Here, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, April 2, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 5
News and Views--Dr Sarah Jansen, Sent here by Government--Francis B Pearson to be Commencement Speaker--Three "U" Dances Scheduled--Girls, Tight Skirts or Not--The Spirit of Spring--The Largest college of Toledo University--By the Way, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, April 9, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 6
News and Views--Big Vodvil Dance Friday Evening--Meeting of Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas--All Toledo Turns Out for Parade of Soldiers--Jeroming in the Gloaming--Tight Skirt Problem Stirs "U" Girls to Write--Punch with a Punch at Sigma Dance--In The Sport World, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, April 16, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 7
Building on University Farm Proposed for Home of Boys' Opportunity School--'Nother Student Dance Saturday--Seniors Promise Farm--Capacity House at Cabaret Dance--Here's the Song that Sammy Sung--News and Views--World Famous Banjoist Lives in Toledo--Holliday Called From the City----Capt Bott of Toronto At University Soon--She Pinned Her Faith to a Shell--Answers--Banter--Music as a Cure for Shell Shock--What Other Colleges are Doing--Chemistry Department Aids Toledo Industries--Organization News--National Council Plans Research Scholarships--With the Evening Classes--Toledo U--Wit or Witout--Trees Planted for University's Gold Star Soldiers--College Spirit, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, April 23, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 8
Happy Hop Next Tuesday--Aerial Contests New Collegiate Sport--With Evening Classes--Rev Mahon to Deliver Baccalaureate Address--More About Memorial University--The Fable of the Ingenious Huckster--My Ideal Husband--The Girl I Want to Marry--Tight Skirt Question Inspires Poetry--Wit or Witout--Sports, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, April 30, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 9
News and Views--Happy Hop Very Happy--City Council Approves Boys' Vocational School--No More Diplomas After Friday--Our Scenery is 'On the Way' $750 worth of it--All About The Big Circus--War Shows Great Need of Physical Training--Scott Soldiers Feasted--The Irony of Fate--Answers--Banter--Toledo's Branch Libraries, One of City's Biggest Educational Assets--Know Your Own Library--How Many People Do You Know Who Tried to Evade The Draft?--Women Receive Certificates--Tennis Boom at Ann Arbor--Spring Football Work at Wisconsin, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, May 7, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 10
News and Views--Munsey's Will Tell about Dr Will--Summer Session Starts June 30--Happy Hop Number 2 Tuesday Night--"U" to Have Real Tennis tournament--Pi Delta to Give Tea Dance--Moorehead Wins State Honors--Law Students to Receive Degrees--Kappa Pi Circus Gets Across--Places Were Marked for Eight Guests--The University and the Student--News from Other Colleges--Topics to Talk About When Calling on Your Girl, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, May 14, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 11
TU Football Prospects Unusually Promising--These Students Got Diplomas--Paris Edition of New York Herald Quotes Teaser--Senior Prom--Friday, May 16th, Busy Day--News and Views--A Suit and a Suitor--Answers--Banter--From the Students to The Editor--Tea Dance Attractive--To You TU--Cresset Holds Annual Hike--Commerce College Comment--Topics To Talk About When Calling on Your Girl--Many Enter U Tennis Tourney--Norma Talmadge Here Next Week--, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, May 21, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 12
News and Views--Harold Morgan to Leave Toledo--No School Tuesday, June 3, University Picnic--Commerce College Comment--Freshies will Frolic Friday--Results of Tennis Prelim--Know When your Exams Come?--Love's Labor Lost--Here's a free Look at the Fighters--Pi Delta Chi Holds Annual Sorority Dance--College Sport News--The Wise Ad Man--Wit or Witout, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1
Toledo Universi-Teaser, May 29, 1919, Vol. 1, no. 13
Carolyn B. Jacobi for Summer Session--F.B. Pearson Commencement Speaker--University Picnic Tuesday on Sugar Island--TU Professor to Start Big Factory in Poland--Tennis Tourney Reaches Finals--Freshman Prove Good Habits--News and Views--Scott Seniors to Have Festive Week--TU Sport Review--Exams Begin Next Week--College Sport News--A :Letter from the President--France's Grand Old Man--In Which the Editor Says Goodbye--The Tragedy Among the Waterpipes--The Inveterate Note Taker--Wit of Witout--Summary of Pi Delta Chi Activities--Sigma Beta Phi has Successful Year--A review of Cresset fraternity--Kappi Pi Epsilon a Busy Sorority--Woman's Association--Commerce College Comment--No Exams in High Schools This Year, The Collegian Microfilm, Roll #1