The University of Toledo Archives serves as the institutional memory of the university. By collecting, preserving, and making available the historical records that document the university from its founding in 1872 to the present day, the archives assists students, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators, and community members with their research needs.

The University Archives collects the following: office files; aerial photo of the UT campus; personal papers of University of Toledo faculty members; publications of the university; files on student organizations; photographs and artifacts related to the university; theses and dissertations by University of Toledo graduate students.

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Department of History- Labor History Archives Files, 1933-1967, UR 86/75
This series consists of material on Toledo labor history collected by professor Noel Leathers and J.C. Moody. The records were collected as part of a proposed Labor History Archives which was to be housed at the University of Toledo. Included are publications from the United Mine Workers District 50, the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Teamsters Local 20, Toledo Typographical Local 63, United Auto Workers Local 7 and 1598. Also included are photocopies of minutes from the Toledo Industrial Peace Board, 1939-1941; and newspaper clippings from the Toledo Autolite strike of 1933.
Illustrated historical atlas of Lucas and part of Wood Counties
Map work of townships and plats made by S. W. & P.A. Durant, R.P. Hinckley, D.P. Kayner, J.N. Wheeler, George Rossiter, civil engineers. University of Toledo Library Catalog record
Local History Files
This is a collection containing a variety of photographic and printed materials obtained from several sources and donors. The arrangement of this collection is by subject.
MCO Time Capsule, HSC 15/01, 1967-1992
Series contains artifacts, letters, and publications sealed in a time capsule in 1989 and opened in 2014. Items include academic calendars, aerial maps of the campus and Toledo, yearbooks, copies of the campus’ various newsletters, budgets, letters written by administrators to their future counterparts, photos of the charter class as well as the graduating class in 1990, and operating budgets.
Office of the President
This collection contains records created by the University of Toledo Office of the President
University Libraries – War Information Center Pamphlets, 1938-1946, UR 87/68
From 1940 to 1945, the University of Toledo Library served as a Key Center for Information and Training, as designated by the U.S. Department of Education. The library received all government documents and some privately published pamphlets about many aspects of World War II. The intention, according to a library publication of the time, was to “give full and accurate information about the war effort.” The Pamphlets include information on all aspects of the war and post-war efforts, and cover the United States and many other countries. The collection has been arranged alphabetically by country. In addition, the collection has been broken into general subject areas within each country. Major subjects include Economics, Military, Political, and Social. Additional divisions divide the material between pre-war, wartime, and post-war materials. The bulk of the material concerns the United States, with Great Britain, Belgium, and Poland also well represented.
UT Places, 1869-1997
A collection of selected photographs of UT facilities and events, including dedication events and construction.