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The present invention relates to an improved expandable intramedullary nail for the fixation of bone fractures. The nail includes an elongate sleeve having one end adapted to be inserted within the medullary cavity of the bone. The one end of the sleeve is formed of a predetermined maximum retracted diameter to permit the insertion of the one end within the bone cavity. A plurality of circumferentially spaced, radially expandable elements are carried by the one end of the sleeve. The elements are radially movable from a first, retracted position wherein the elements define a first diameter to a second, expanded position wherein the elements define a second diameter greater than the predetermined maximum retracted diameter and the first diameter. In accordance with the present invention, when the elements are in the expanded position, the elements provide at least two support points at the second diameter and axially spaced along the sleeve for engagement with the inner wall of the bone cavity. A camming member is carried by the one end of the elongate sleeve for moving the elements from the retracted position to the expanded position. An actuator is located at the other end of the sleeve and is coupled to operate the camming member for controlling the radial position of the elements.

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March 1982

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