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A pulsating impeller system is provided for moving a body through a fluid medium. The pulsating impeller includes an enclosure mounted on a vessel or other body. The enclosure is provided with an inlet-outlet aperture to facilitate the flow of the fluid medium into and out of the enclosure. An expansible membrane is positioned in the enclosure. The volume of the expansible membrane is inflated and deflated on a regular cycle by a compressed air or other similar system in the vessel. When the enclosure is placed in a fluid, such as water, and the expansible membrane inside the enclosure is inflated, the volume of the membrane is increased, which results in the water being forced through the outlet hole in the enclosure to propel the vessel. This force will generate a reactive force which will thrust the enclosure and vessel in the opposite direction. The vessel may be provided with a plurality of enclosures, and each enclosure may have one or more expansible membranes. The force provided to drive the vessel depends on the number and positioning of the enclosures and the operating cycles for the expansible membranes.

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December 1992

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