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The treatment of blood and other body fluids and tissues, the detection of tumors and the treatment of patients is disclosed. The treatment and detection involve the use of families of chlorins, families of purpurins and families of metal complexes of chlorins and purpurins. The purpurins and their metal complexes have the structures of FIGS. 1 , 7, 14-18, 29-38, 44-48 and 54-58 of the attached drawings. The chlorins and their metal complexes have the formulas of FIGS. 2 , 8, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 39, 40, 42, 43 and 49-53 of the attached drawings. Solutions of the purpurins, of the foregoing and other chlorins and of the metal complexes which are physiologically acceptable for intravenous administration are also disclosed, as are emulsions or suspensions of the solutions. The solvent for the solutions can be a product of the reaction of ethylene oxide with castor oil.Families of purpurins, chlorins and metal complexes which can be detected by nuclear magnetic resonance or by an instrument that detects ionizing radiation are also disclosed. These compounds have the formula of one of FIGS. 1 , 2, 7, 8, or 14-58 and a structure which is enriched in an atom that can be detected by nuclear magnetic resonance, e.g., 13 C or 15 N, or by an instrument that detects ionizing radiation, e.g., 14 C or 131 I.

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The University of Toledo; Medical College of Ohio; St. Vincent Medical Center

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June 1994

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424/9.61; 435/107; 435/108; 435/109; 436/548; 514/19.3; 514/410


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